The solution enables you for handling lease contracts on property e.g. parking lots, warehouses, store and office leases and apartments. Calculate rental changes, services and fees for maintenance etc. as well as related payments. On the basis of entered information can automatically generate an invoice proposal which is used for the final invoicing.

The central component is the contract (lease agreement) with the related leases. The contract contains all information about the individual lease agreement and you can attach an unlimited number of leases to a contract. In the contract, information such as size, payment addresses, tasks (integrated to Outlook), status history, payment frequency and date control of lease changes can be attached. Sublease and lenders can be handled. Quotations can be created and managed from the contract. Furthermore, it is possible to display statistics of the lease agreements.

Property Management Features

Robosoft’s Property management is built on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform integrated with other business functions viz. financials and procurement. The solution can be deployed on premise or can be made available on a SAAS model on the cloud.

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