Microsoft Dynamics NAV Migration

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Why choose Robosoft?

Robosoft’s migration process is designed for rapid implementation of Enterprise-wide solutions and focuses on the people, processes, and technological aspects of an implementation effort.
Our approach reduces project risk through:

  • The use of a predictable, controllable approach


  • The leverage of industry leading practices and tools


  • The leverage of accelerated implementation techniques


  • The use of a pro-active approach to risk identification and managing an integrated perspective: people, process, technology


Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Worried about risk involved in migration process?

One of the primary tasks of Microsoft Dynamics NAV migration is risk management and containment. The major risks associated with the migration will be identified, and relevant interventions will be made to contain them. The risk items shall be prioritized and monitored accordingly on a continual basis, and corrective action taken, when necessary.

Robosoft is aware of the various risk factors associated with the assignment, the impact of the risk factors on the project schedules and the quality and the measures to control and manage the risk factors identified. The objective of the planning shall be to highlight the risk factors, analyze the impact of the risks on project execution and identify strategies to control and minimize the impact of the risk items.

Our Microsoft Dynamics NAV Migration Methodology

Robosoft’s robust, mature and tested offshore methodology has evolved from its association with global product companies and its constant efforts towards improving quality across all strata of offshore project execution. Strict guidelines are in place across all stages of execution including:

  • Proposal Submission


  • Contract Review


  • Project Planning


  • Risk Management


  • Progress Monitoring


  • Change Control


By having a well-defined methodology encompassing allof the above, Robosoft can introduce a streamlined approach towards project management and execution.

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